Terran-Confederation Confederation Class Dreadnought

The Confederation Class Dreadnought is the pride of the Terran Confederation Navy. Sporting the awesome Phase Transit Cannon and double the standard armament of the Waterloo-Class Cruiser, it is capable of attacking and destroying any Kilrathi vessel in a 1-on-1 situation. Add to that it’s compliment of 120 fighters, as much as a fleet carrier, and you get a task force in a single vessel.

Phase Transit Cannon

This weapon actually forms the keel of the new Terran Confederation-class dreadnought; it is too large to be mounted on any other ship in the Confederation Navy. The phase-transit cannon is capable of destroying any ship with a single shot. It is a refinement of a similar weapon found in the wreckage of the

Sivar, the Kilrathi dreadnought that single-handedly destroyed the Goddard colony in 2654. Presumably the Kilrathi have more Sivar-class dreadnoughts, but none have been spotted since that first appearance.


Game Notes: All this gun forms the keel of the ship, it is vulnerable to the destruction of the gun port at the front of the ship, this is what’s represented by the Cannon’s gun.


Anti-Matter Gun


These huge weapons are found only on capital ships for use against other capital ships. Anti-matter guns are slow to aim and cannot readily be used against

fighter-sized craft, but a single shot can vaporize a fighter.


Game Notes: I’m not sure what to about this gun’s ability against fighters, I’ll probably give it a –8 in the Fire Control.


Flak Gun


Fighters provide the bulk of a capital ship’s defenses, but the largest ships also lay down heavy flak barrages that can bring down any fighter. In addition, flak cannon are used for point-defense against torpedoes.


Gamewise, these guns function like E-mines in their offensive mode. In addition, any shots from a ship caught in the middle hex suffers a –2 intercept and any shots from the outliers suffers a –1.


Phase Shields


Confederation research into shields has focused primarily on damage absorption rather than deflection. Towards this end, the Confederation has developed Phase Shields. Unlike normal shields, Phase shields only absorb damage, they don’t affect the targeting of the shot. The payback for this is that Phase Shields are extremely powerful and most Wing Commander ships are capable of ignoring fighters not equipped with torpedoes or under the shields.




The hangars on the Confederation class are different to most Babylon 5 ships. There are two ‘Flight Decks’, (the runways running down the ship) in which most of the ships fast response interceptors are located, and the main storage bays, where the heavier bombers are usually stored. To simulate this, the primary hangar is incapable of launching fighters until the side hangars are cleared. When the Flight Decks are clear, fighters are transferred from within the ship and launched as fast as possible. This uses the launch rate listed on the primary hangar.


Jump Drives


Jump Drives are similar to Jump Engines with a few differences. The first is their faster recharge rate. The second is that they require Jump Points in order to work. To simulate this, the WC player designates a hex as a Jump Point. If, at any point during it’s movement, a ship crosses this hex and has a charged Jump Drive, it may chose to jump out of the scenario.


Despite the speedy recharge of Jump Drives, you may not jump a ship back into the combat. If the opposing player wishes to follow they must have applied at least 6 points of Offensive EW to the ship when it jumped, in order to track it’s Jump Coordinates.


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